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Eight reasons why you shouldn't add search suggestions to your web app

Let's talk about search suggestions: the little dropdown of suggestions that a server thinks you care about when you go to search a web app or website. TL;DR: You probably shouldn't implement them.

This post is going to be me explaining why you shouldn't even bother.

Reason 1: The browser already does autocomplete

Any modern browser will already do autocomplete on your field for you. If you mark the field as <input type="search">, the browser can do a pretty good job of figuring out what you'll type next if you've already used the site before.

Reason 2: Your interface is going to be crap

Making it look good and work well across browsers and platforms isn't going to be a walk in the park. Making sure the suggestions don't go off the bottom of the page, making sure they're not half off-screen on mobile (bonus points for making them bleed to the edges of the page), making sure when you scroll on mobile the search box's blur doesn't close the suggestions, making sure relevant keyboard events trigger appropriate behavior (ESC, anyone?), what order you're triggering a focus event (you don't want to download a list of suggestions before the keyboard loads on mobile), etc.

Getting all of that right is hard, even if you're using a library.

You know what would be even better? Just use <datalist>. You can give it basic styles, it uses the OS's native keyboard support and events, and it's stupidly easy to implement (not that you should).

Reason 3: Most libraries are crap

Oh, you're using a jQuery plugin you found on Dynamic Drive from 2006? Good luck with that.

Reason 4: Most of your users are searching with Google, anyway

Let's be honest: if your site isn't one of the top 10 sites users use every day, your users aren't searching via your built-in search engine. Chances are, the vast majority of your users are finding your content because they searched on Google to begin with.

Reason 5: Your implementation is slow and naïve

Oh what's that? You've got a RESTful API that you're pinging every time the user presses a key? Bless your heart.

You could make it better by pinging the server with a debounce/throttle, but then you might have those awkward pauses where you aren't updating anything, or you're showing results from past keypresses.

Let's look at things you could be doing but probably won't because they're a massive pain in the ass:

Reason 6: You shouldn't suggest results, you should suggest terms

If you're suggesting results instead of search terms, shame on you.

Reason 7: Your algorithm sucks

Reason 8: The code is damn big

I have yet to see a full-featured search suggestions implementation that's reasonably small. In general, once you combine markup, styles, JS, and whatever hooks you need to add to make the library do what you want it to do (or if you're writing it yourself, all the code to tie into existing application logic), you're looking at 15KB or more minified. If your whole app is a hundred KB total, that means over 10% of your code is spent on a single feature, which is supposed to be subtle. Not cool.