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Why I won't be renewing Google Shopping Express

I was lucky enough to get into the beta program for Google Shopping Express, and after a few months of having it, I can say with certainty that I won't be renewing my membership when the free trial ends. Instead, I'll continue to use Amazon Prime and buy things in person.

A service that suits none of my needs

The biggest problem with GSE for me is its speed. Someone drives to your home every time you order something and drops that stuff off. This, despite sounding incredibly convenient, is an enormous headache.

Part of the last problem is something that I'll give the benefit of the doubt to Google for: they're a new service and they have a small selection. That's the other reason why I won't be renewing my membership, though: there's just not enough stuff. Since you're buying from third party retailers that don't include their full inventories, you end up with deliveries from a hodge-podge of different stores, with Google mixing and matching stores to pair you up with the stuff you want.

In many cases, though, the stuff that you want isn't available at all. Search for protein powder and you'll notice that there are only two well-known brands in the first page of results (EAS and Muscle Milk, neither of which are particularly great). A few weeks ago, I needed twine, but none of the three results were satisfactory.

I admit that the selection is getting better, but it still leaves quite a lot to be desired.

Compare it with Amazon Prime

Some things that I've noticed that I prefer about Amazon: